About Us

In Pristine Paradigm, we take our inspiration from sustainable luxury. We believe that we can redefine the standards of jewelry by providing everyone a responsible and economical choice, without compromise of quality and durability.

By offering premium quality lab grown gems, our aim is to give everyone access to a collection of their own precious treasure at attainable prices.

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"I really loved the solitaire ring I got! And the packaging was sooo nice. Salamat Pristine Paradigm! Very happy with my purchase."

-Shem P.

"Sobrang ganda ng packaging!! May hard box tapos iba pa yung jewelry box! Gifted a pair of 1 carat earrings to my mom and she really liked it."

-Mariah N.

"Immediately check the stone with my diamond tester and it's positive! Very happy with my purchase. Bagay pang everyday wear instead of using real natural diamonds."

-Ana B.

We Customize

With local jewelers that have over 30 years of experience, we can make your dream jewelry come to life. We customize with real pawnable 14k and 18k white, yellow, or rose gold.

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