What is Gold Vermeil?

     When shopping for jewelry, some people consider this to be a personal investment into their style and collection. With the different types of jewelry out there, it can get overwhelming navigating your way through the different definitions and terms that you see. In Pristine Paradigm, we like to be inclusive and provide affordable yet high quality jewelry as well - in the form of gold vermeil. Gold vermeil is one of the best type of jewelries, second to solid gold.

What is gold vermeil?

     Vermeil is a technique originating in the 19th century, where gold was applied to sterling silver. Gold vermeil is any type of jewelry, which consists of sterling silver as its base layer with solid gold electroplated on top. Industry standards typically indicate that the gold portion is 10 karats or above, with high-quality pieces set with 14 karats and higher, and is 2.5 microns thick. As compared to gold plated jewelry, gold vermeil has a thicker layer of gold that leads to less fade or tarnish. In Pristine Paradigm, all our gold vermeil jewelry are electroplated with 18k gold and is 5 microns thick. All in all, our items have 5 layers of plating protection; sterling silver as the base, three layers of platinum, rhodium, and the 18k gold on top.

What is the difference between gold vermeil and gold plating?

     The primary difference between gold vermeil and gold plating is the thickness of gold set in the jewelry. The industry standard for gold vermeil is much thicker than the standard thickness for a gold plated piece. Although both may look similar, this difference can affect the quality and durability of your jewelry piece in the long run. 


Will gold vermeil tarnish?

     All gold pieces begin to tarnish as time passes, even solid gold. The good news is that tarnishing doesn't mean that your jewelry is damaged or ruined! Tarnishing is a natural process that happens when metal alloys in gold pieces react with oxygen. This can easily be polished off with a polishing cloth. Your gold jewelry can also be cleaned safely by a professional jeweler.

How long does gold vermeil last?

     As gold vermeil has a thicker gold layer, it is considered to be durable that would make your jewelry last. Proper care for your jewelry will still need to be done to ensure that your pieces will last for a long time though. For more jewelry care tips, please check out our article here.

Is gold vermeil hypoallergenic?

     Yes, gold vermeil is hypoallergenic! Since it is made up of precious metals, most people won’t have any reactions or issues with it.

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